Siamsa Tíre

National Folk Theatre Productions

Ireland’s National Folk Theatre has created many wonderful productions over 40 years

Siamsa Tíre productions go right back to the seminal piece created by Fr Pat Ahern well over 40 years ago. Initially, a series of tableaux, the individual pieces were eventually to form the first full theatre performance, Fadó Fadó, which is still part of the National Folk Theatre’s repertoire to this day.

The company has worked with a wide array of directors, costume and set designers, choreographers and lighting designers. Here you can find all of the productions from across the years along with images, creative credits and a brief synopsis of each work – from the traditional to the site-specific.

Recent Reviews - Turas 


Anam (2016)

Imigéin (2013)
Turas (2013)
What The Folk (2010)
Moriarty (2009)
Rithim Rhythm (With Printz Dance Project) 2008
Tearmann (2006)
Evolution Reloaded (2005)
Tobar na Scéalta (2004)
Evolution (2004)
Oileán (2003)
Oisín (1999)
Clann Lir (1998 & 2009)
Eachtra (1996)
Songs of Leaving (1989)
San Am Fadó (Part of the original repertoire, reworked and updated regularly)
Sean agus Nua (Part of the original repertoire, reworked and updated regularly)
Samhain (1993 & 2001)
An Gobán Saor (The Travelling Handyman) (2001)
Ding Dong Dedero (Forging the Dance) (1991)
Idir Eatarthu (Between Worlds) (1990)
Fadó Fadó (1968)