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Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the soul is another

Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the soul is another

Excitement is building and here is the reason why… NEXT Monday is the World Premiere of ANAM at the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin. See this high energy show Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm, book your tickets here  The show brings together the skills of world-class step dancers each with their own distinct hard shoe style. So who are the dancers? Here is a short introduction to each of the ANAM fab four.

Jonathan Kelliher

Jonathan has been the Artistic Director of the National Folk Theatre since 2007. While training, he developed a passion for the North Kerry style of traditional step dance known as “Munnix”.  Over the years he has perfected this style and is now considered one of its best exponents in the country. Jonathan has played leading roles in many National Folk Theatre productions such as Immran, Samhain, Clann Lir, Oisín, Oileán and What the Folk.  He has directed the National Folk Theatre in such productions as rEvolution, Tearmann, Rithim/Rhythm, Moriarty, Clann Lir (2011) and Fadó Fadó (2014).


Nathan Pilatzke

One of the most dynamic and energetic stepdancers to ever hit the stage, Nathan has been performing from upward of 30 years. Hailing from the Ottawa Valley of Ontario, Nathan (aptly nicknamed Crazy Legs) started stepdancing at the tender age of five. Since 2002 Nathan has been touring the world with The Chieftains. In 2007, Nathan, together with friends of exceptional talent accumulated over a career of performing, created a music and dance display called The StepCrew, which has been featured on stages all over the world and is garnering international acclaim.


John Fitzgerald


John began dancing at the age of six, going on to win major titles including three World Irish Dancing Championships.  He joined the National Folk Theatre at the age of seven and has performed in many productions including Oileán, Clann Lir, San Am Fadó and Tearmann, along with more contemporary productions such as Moriarty, Rithim/Rhythm and Imigéin.  Since graduating as a physiotherapist, John has toured widely in Europe and Asia including his role as a lead dancer with Ragús and more recently with Irish Celtic.


Matthew Olwell

Matthew has been performing and teaching as a dancer and musician across North America and Europe since 1996.  He grew up in a family of instrument-makers and began his career touring with Footworks Precussive Dance Ensemble, with whom he performed in Riverdance.  Matthew is a multimedia artist whose interests lie at the intersection of traditions that emphasize the communal and social context of dance and music-making as expressions of culture. He is a co-founder of Good Foot Dance Company and director of THE BEAT RETREAT. Matthew has taught and performed at numerous festivals, including The Swannanoa Gathering, the Augusta Heritage Centre, and Pinewoods.


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