Siamsa Tíre

Work in Development

We celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our first ever repertory season this year with a new production.

A Work In Progress

This year will see a new production by the National Folk Theatre of Ireland brought to the stage.  Due to premiere in August of 2018, the new production will reflect the long history of the company and its strengths in music, song and dance.  Stay in touch for further updates!


Co-commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival and The National Folk Theatre of Ireland, Anam (meaning ‘soul’) brought together the skills of world-class step dancers from the US, Canada and Ireland in an exhilarating fusion of styles.  This production toured Ireland in 2017 to acclaim and standing ovations from audiences from Donegal to Longford to Limerick.  This year it forms part of our Festival of Folk.

Authentic and raw, this percussive dance piece explores the similarities and differences between the dancers, each with their own distinct hard shoe style.  Anam attests to the tradition of ‘passing on’; celebrating the dance’s essential spirit, yet injecting it with fresh energy to create something new. 

Performed with live music and song by acclaimed musician Fergal O’Murchú.  Featuring dancers Matthew Olwell (Appalachian Flat Foot) Jonathan Kelliher (North Kerry “Munnix”) Nathan Pilatzke (Ottawa Valley, Canada) and John Fitzgerald (Modern Irish).

Co Directors: Jonathan Kelliher and Sue Ellen McCarthy.