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On Leaving

David Monahan

David Monahan

Emigration is tinged with all sorts of emotion.

For over three years, David Monahan has been capturing a moment just before Ireland's young and talented become voluntary exiles.

These images are shot at night at a location of the sitter's choosing.
Each background has a particular significance for the subject and the idea is to make a heroic shot, to celebrate the person, to say they are full of pride, full of dignity, they are strong, upright and confident!

Of his work, David notes; “I fully recognise the difference between this and previous waves of emigration and at the same time I acknowledge that the quest remains the same - the search for a better life... The work honours the courage behind the decision and the fact that moving to a different country can dramatically shape the future lives of those who leave, and has huge impact on those left behind.

Emigration is tinged with all sorts of emotion, the sadness of seeing loved ones go, the anticipation of those who leave - sometimes uncertain, other times full of confidence, and "Leaving Dublin" reminds us of the intensely personal nature of such a decision.”