Siamsa Tíre

On Doubt

An Exhibition of New Work by Denis Buckley

Fragment from a painting by Denis Buckley from On Doubt at Siamsa Tíre

Artist Denis Buckley's new work for Siamsa Tíre explores doubt in the life of any idealog.

His Unfinished & Abandoned 2016 Painting, being almost 5metres in width and 2 metres high, dominates the main gallery. The abandoned work opens a discourse on doubt and failure and questions why such negative attributes predominate in the lives of those who pursue the realisation of an ideal.

The accompanying moving image work On Doubt, vociferously and poetically explores the dual themes in a series of exterior and interior performances to camera.

Join Director of The School of Psychotherapy at St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dr Barry O’Donnell and the artist in Siamsa Tíre for a discussion around the motivations of an idealog on Thursday 14th of April at 6pm. Under discussion will be some of the unconscious desires common to revolutionaries, explorers and artists.