Siamsa Tíre

Lines That Meet - Social Geography and Connection to Place

Susan Leen

drawing by Susan Leen from an exhibition at Siamsa TíreDrawing by Susan Leen from an exhibition at Siamsa TíreDrawing by Susan Leen from an exhibition at Siamsa Tíre

Lines That Meet examines place-making and the boundaries implied therein, be they physical, psychological or imaginary.

Working with Ireland's new communities, this exhibition looks at social integration and connection to place through the language of cartography.

Susan Leen will expose new work referencing the local region, and its particular geography as well as facilitating work in collaboration with the Tralee International Resource Centre. 


Susan Leen’s practice encompasses a range of media including drawing, sculpture and installation.  Uniting her work is a desire to explore contemporary issues such as social inclusion, mobility and habitat.  She has been developing a body of work around ideas of social mapping and relational geography.

Alongside her personal practice, she works as an arts facilitator with diverse groups of people on collaborative projects.  She graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Performance Design and Practice in 2009. 

Susan was born in Cork and grew up in North Kerry.  She is currently based in Paris where she works as part of the Studio-Orta artistic team.  Susan was selected artist in residence at La Villa Beleville in Paris under the direction of the Point Ephémere, 2013/15.  Recent exhibitions include –  Places of Fiction, Fictions of Place, a solo exhibition in Kreatori, Rio de Janeiro and We are Native in the Hoxton Gallery in London, both in 2016.