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Waste & Water

Waste & Water

As part of our Waste Policy, we aimed to recycle a minimum of 30% of our waste in 2018. With a lot of work by the staff team, particularly those who keep the building in top shape (Anne Slattery, Tina Sugrue and Trish Goodall), the reduction of waste to landfill was almost 50% in 2018 when compared with 2017. 

We continue to work towards a long-term aim of zero waste to landfill by 2022. Recycling bins are now available throughout much of the building and this will be extended in 2019. Our principle approach to waste will focus on REDUCING the amount of waste we produce, followed by REUSING and then RECYCLING.  Siamsa Tíre is also delighted to be a member of the GLAN initiative.

As part of our Waste Management policies, we have reduced the amount of overall waste we create using the following measures:

  • Sharing documents electronically, ie issue contracts, distribute meeting minutes and wage slips via email.
  • Avoid completely one-use plastics (eg. replace plastic straws with paper straws)
  • Replace sugar sachets with sugar pourers and cubes
  • Obtain our milk in glass bottles from Ballymac Milk
  • Encourage the use of Keep Cups and Bottles within the staff team and by visitors
  • Reuse paper, print both sides, avoid printing where possible
  • Minimise printed publicity material
  • Compost all organic waste and use this to grow vegetables and herbs in our courtyard
  • Use tea leaves rather than tea bags in the staff kitchen
  • Use only glass bottles in the Bar (30% are re-used, 70% recycled)
  • Encourage staff and visitors to use water fountains
  • Work with incoming companies inviting them to get involved in our waste reduction strategies

We also aim to reduce the amount of water which is wasted and we are currently gathering information on our usage patterns. In the interim, we have made the following small changes:

  • We have replaced our hanging baskets with large tubs which require much less watering
  • We have installed a water butt in our courtyard. During the hot summer of 2018, this was sufficient to water our flower tubs and our raised vegetable bed
  • We saved water from the sink (without detergent) for use on plants and shrubs during the hot weather
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