Siamsa Tíre

Truth Or Dare

Grace Roberts, Suzanne Mortell, and Nuala O'Sullivan

artwork by Nuala O'Sullivan as part of Truth or Dare at Siamsa Tíreartwork by Suzanne Mortell as part of Truth or Dare at Siamsa Tíreartworks by Grace O'Sullivan as part of Truth or Dare at Siamsa Tíre

Three artists explore how meaning, and a sense of identity is fashioned through social interactions and how the narratives we construct help make sense of our world. The artists examine how we give things meaning in order to expose the idea of a socially constructed reality, and the strictures placed on us as we live our lives; pressures of conformity, regulation and monitoring.  Art allows us to explore and express the space between illusion and reality and feeds from our dreams, memories and our life experiences of myth, symbolism, and traditions. In this process the artist is the interrogator and the audience is the witness.

The three artists proposing this exhibition share these interests.

Nuala: "My work uses both photography and painting to explore how concealed repression can seep through from the past. Alongside this the aesthetic and culture of the 1950s have strong visual resonances for me".

Grace: "I am fascinated by the discourse of power relationships, in particular through visual representation, and how to think about the other, and use symbols to produce abstract images to challenge dominant ideologies".

Suzanne: "In my work I allude to stories with insinuations, inspired by memories, my childhood and my local countryside. In my paintings I try to re-create generic images with qualities that trigger associations for the viewers".