Siamsa Tíre

Crux: A Dialogue In Metal - A glór Exhibition

Gunvor Anhøj, Michael Calnan, Moss Gaynor, John Hogan, Jane Murtagh

An image of a piece of sculpture from an exhibition CruxA piece of sculpture from the Crux exhibitionAnother piece of sculpture from the Crux Exhibition at Siamsa Tíre

Five noted practicing craft and design artists have come together to create this fascinating body of work.

Five artist metalsmiths have come together through a shared passion for their material - metal. In an era steeped in technology, meet five artisans who have their hearts and hands firmly engaged in the world of the physical and raw. They forge, etch, draw and open out metal into three dimensional and two dimensional works, combining contemporary practices with ancient techniques.

This exhibition will illustrate the diversity of metal and showcase its myriad possibilities, from the delicate tracery of Jane Murtagh’s work, to the solid architectural forms of Moss Gaynor, to the subtle lines and sensual curves of Michael Calnan’s, John Hogan and Gunver Anhøj ‘s work.

The essence of these artists’ work concerns the movement of metal and the story it evokes. The story behind each piece is fundamental and each one is almost as exciting as the work that is created in response to it. The artists’ ideas and stories are inspired and visualised through a combination of interests in the natural world, the world of architecture and industrial design.

From large scale welded metal constructions to delicate, highly finished objects - the sculptures portray the material and the makers behind it, and this unique exhibition will reveal their stories through the dynamism of metal in a way that will challenge the viewer’s notions of the material.

This exhibition is on tour from glór in Ennis and has been funded by the Design & Crafts Council Ireland.