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The Whistling Girl

The Whistling Girl

With Honor Heffernan & Band

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Legendary performer, Honor Heffernan, returns with her thrilling and dramatic musical take on Dorothy Parker

The acclaimed Irish duo of singer / actress Honor Heffernan and composer/ keyboard player Trevor Knight (Auto Da Fe), present their new Cabaret/Speakeasy-style show, “The Whistling Girl”. The original and unique music composed by Trevor transforms the poems of Dorothy Parker into songs, using her witty, droll and sometimes heart rending lyrics. With a lineup of highly renowned Irish musicians the atmosphere for a spellbinding evening of music with a theatrical element is brought to life. Garvan Gallagher bass, Tom Jamieson drums, Ed Deane electric guitar, Ciaran Wilde saxophones, Bill Blackmore trumpet.

Each of the songs create individual tableaux or dream moments from Parker’s psyche, conjuring up images from her tempestuous life of outrageous celebrity, as founding member of the notorious Algonquin set in New York, and as civil rights activist in America and Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

Their new album “The Whistling Girl” will also be available.

"Sometimes a role comes along that allows a performer to weave all the strands of their artistry into one darkly thrilling tapestry; Honor Heffernan has found such a role in The Whistling Girl; a daring production that uses music, song and elements of theatre to celebrate the life of the legendary wit and writer, Dorothy Parker.

It was her principal musical collaborator, Trevor Knight who first conceived the idea of setting Parker's words to music. Knight is no stranger to fusing music and theatre and forging a new space between both mediums, having toured the world with Donal O Kelly's Catalpa. His range in The Whistling Girl is arguably even more impressive.

Over the course of the evening they will seamlessly flow through rock, blues and dark carnavalesque sounds reminiscent of The Doors and reference the electronica of Kraftwerk. The sheer quality of the musicianship makes these shifts in tone seem effortless.

Parker excavated beauty from the bleakest corners; her wit and words, a brilliant retort to life's cruelty and Honor breaks through, reaching a state of total honesty in her performance, making Parker's words shine like coals, her voice is silk and steel; her commitment, total.

Lyrically and musically The Whistling Girl takes  many detours and skirmishes down alluringly lit side streets of human experience; streets that are paved with humour, wit and the wisdom that only comes with life lived to the brim and drunk from it deep.

Trevor Knight in his musical arrangements and Honor Heffernan in a career high performance do more than merely pay homage to Dorothy Parker; they reinvent her in such a way that she seems more relevant than ever, here is a show that deserves to win Honor a new, younger and more experimental fan base."

Billy O’Hanluain Writer, contributor to Arts Show RTE, Arena RTE, the View RTE

‘I shall stay the way I am, because I do not give a damn’

Dorothy Parker