The Nualas

2013 Tour
Frid 1st of March at 8pm
Ireland’s top all-female comedy singing sensations The Nualas are legging it down to you for a night of laugh-your-head off, pass-out-from-the-glamour-of-it-all entertainment in a world where pop stars think nothing of singing in their underwear.
The Nualas buck the trend by sporting proper yet unbelievably sextastic and shiny stage attire. You’ll hear Nuala favourites like ‘Manolo’ alongside fabulous all-new classics, such as ‘Sexy Farm Song’, and ‘Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Why Am I So Fat?’. Expect scintillating vocal harmony, ambitious choreography, bags of bling, and a night packed solid with craic, laughter, tears, and chat (not necessarily in that order).
“The Nualas have put comedy and music in a blender and come up with a world class soufflé.” The Times
Tickets: €19/17